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FRP Rods

FRP Rods are round material made of Fibre Glass Reinforced Plastic (FRP). It has the advantages of light weight, high strength and corrosion resistance, and is suitable for various applications, such as construction, power, chemical, etc. FRP Rod is widely used as a replacement for metal and traditional materials due to its excellent performance.

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FRP Rods

FRP Rod is a composite material consisting of glass fibre and resin matrix with a circular cross-section that gives it a uniform strength distribution and excellent mechanical properties. It is lightweight, high strength, corrosion resistant, insulating and weather resistant, making it ideal for use in many industries.

The lightness of this material makes installation and transport easier, while ensuring structural stability and safety. Thanks to its corrosion resistance, FRP Rod remains stable in harsh environments and is less susceptible to chemicals, moisture or UV rays. It also has good insulating properties, making it suitable for applications such as insulated supports and insulated rods in the power industry.

In conclusion, FRP Rod is a versatile material that can be widely used in construction, electric power, chemical industry, transport and other fields to provide reliable support and protection for various engineering projects.

Understanding the FRP Pultrusion Process

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Benefits of FRP

Framework stability

Superior corrosion resistance


Easy to install

High Strength





Thermal Stability

Low Maintenance Costs

Qualification Certificate

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