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Optimize industrial cooling processes with SPARE Composite Cooling Towers. These towers offer exceptional corrosion resistance and energy efficiency, designed for superior performance and durability in demanding environments.
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Composite Cooling Tower

Composite Cooling Tower

The composite cooling tower, a large-scale heat exchanger, primarily serves power plants and manufacturing plants by cooling water. It cools essential equipment during daily operations. Its main structure includes square tubes, rectangular tubes, angle steel, grooves, I-beams, decks, flat bars, etc. Special shapes like handrails and kick plates are used on the guardrails. Blades, crucial components of cooling tower fans, generate airflow, facilitating heat exchange between circulating water and ambient air for cooling. Nanjing SPARE cooling towers made of extruded GFRP, the following standards are followed:
GB/T7190.2-2017 Mechanical Ventilation Cooling Towers Part 2: Large Open Cooling Towers.
GB/T 31539-2015 Structural Fibre Reinforced Composite Profile Extrusions.

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