FRP Rectangular Tube
  • FRP Rectangular TubeFRP Rectangular Tube
  • FRP Rectangular TubeFRP Rectangular Tube
  • FRP Rectangular TubeFRP Rectangular Tube
  • FRP Rectangular TubeFRP Rectangular Tube
  • FRP Rectangular TubeFRP Rectangular Tube

FRP Rectangular Tube

Engineered from durable fiberglass, this FRP rectangular tube offers high strength and corrosion resistance. Ideal for applications requiring structural integrity and versatility in diverse environments.

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FRP Rectangular Tube

FRP square tubes, also known as fiberglass square tubes, encompass both square and rectangular profiles, featuring equal and unequal side lengths. Notably distinct from square tubes of other materials, FRP square tubes offer unique properties and advantages.

FRP pultruded square pipe is a uniform cross-section structural profile formed by continuous pultrusion process. Compared with pipes made of other materials, it has the following significant characteristics:

1. FRP square pipes are corrosion-resistant, environmentally friendly and pollution-free: FRP square pipes can resist the erosion of acids, alkalis, salts, seawater, untreated sewage, corrosive soil or groundwater and many chemical fluids. Fiberglass pipes are non-toxic, rust-free, odorless, have no secondary pollution to water quality, and do not require anti-corrosion.

2. FRP square and rectangular tubes have the characteristics of heat resistance and frost resistance: at -30℃, they still have good toughness and extremely high strength, and can be used for a long time in the range of -50℃-80℃. They are made of high-temperature resistant resin. The square tubes produced can also work at temperatures above 110°C.

3. FRP square rectangular tubes are light in weight and high in strength: their specific gravity is 1.65-2.0, only 1/4 of steel, but the circumferential tensile strength of FRP tubes is 180-300MPa, and the axial tensile strength is 60-150MPa, which is approximately alloy steel.

4. Good electrical insulation. FRP is a non-conductor. The electrical insulation of pipes is excellent. The insulation resistance is 1012-1015ΩNaN. It is most suitable for use in power transmission. The heat transfer coefficient of FRP is very small, only 0.23 in areas with dense telecommunications lines and areas with many mines. It is five thousandths that of steel.

Due to the above-mentioned corrosion resistance, wear resistance, frost resistance and anti-fouling properties of FRP square and rectangular pipes, the project does not require anti-rust, anti-fouling, insulation, heat preservation and other measures and maintenance. FRP square and rectangular pipes can be customized according to the user's various requirements. Requirements, such as different flow rates, different pressures, and different load conditions, require the design and manufacture of pipelines with different pressure levels and stiffness levels.

Understanding the FRP Pultrusion Process

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Benefits of FRP

Framework stability

Superior corrosion resistance


Easy to install

High Strength





Thermal Stability

Low Maintenance Costs

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