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Battery Pack Spacer Beam

The battery pack spacer beam, an essential structural component in electric vehicles, serves as a stabilizing frame that holds battery modules in place. This beam not only aids in efficient space utilization within the battery pack but also enhances the overall structural integrity, ensuring the batteries remain securely mounted even under high stress during operation. The lightweight nature of this beam contributes significantly to the vehicle's weight reduction, promoting greater energy efficiency.

Column Reinforcement

Column reinforcements made from FRP provide critical support to vehicle pillars, bolstering the car's safety framework. These reinforcements are strategically embedded within the pillars to enhance rigidity and durability, significantly improving crashworthiness. The material's corrosion resistance and high strength-to-weight ratio allow it to effectively absorb and distribute impact energy, thereby protecting the cabin and its occupants during collisions.

Roof Beam Reinforcement

Roof beam reinforcements crafted from FRP are integral to reinforcing the vehicle's roof structure. These beams are designed to add minimal weight while greatly increasing the roof's ability to resist and distribute loads, especially in the event of a rollover. Their installation is pivotal in maintaining the vehicle's structural integrity, offering enhanced protection and contributing to overall vehicle stiffness and stability.

Door Beam

FRP door beams are critical for side impact protection in vehicles. These beams are incorporated within the door panels and act as a barrier that absorbs and dissipates energy during a side collision, thereby preventing major deformations and intrusions into the passenger compartment. Their lightweight design does not compromise on safety but enhances vehicle efficiency by reducing overall mass.

Longitudinal Beam

Longitudinal beams made of FRP play a crucial role in the chassis structure, running lengthwise from the front to the rear of the vehicle. These beams provide a backbone for mounting other structural and mechanical components, contributing to overall torsional rigidity and stability. Their robust yet lightweight properties help in improving vehicle dynamics by allowing for better handling and reduced strain on other components.


The crossbeam, typically situated across the vehicle's width at critical points, serves to connect the sides of the chassis or body, thereby stabilizing the structure. Made from FRP, these beams significantly enhance lateral stability and help maintain the vehicle's shape under torsional stress. Lightweight yet strong, they play a key role in improving both the vehicle's performance and safety characteristics.

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