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Fiberglass T Profiles
  • Fiberglass T ProfilesFiberglass T Profiles

Fiberglass T Profiles

Fiberglass T Profiles are crafted using premium Fiber Reinforced Polymer, combining strength, durability, and a lightweight design to meet the diverse needs of modern engineering and construction. These profiles are designed for versatility, making them ideal for a variety of structural and aesthetic applications.

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Fiberglass T Profiles

Key Features:

1.High Strength-to-Weight Ratio: Exceptionally strong yet lightweight, our Fiberglass T Profiles can withstand heavy loads without compromising on ease of installation and handling.

2.Corrosion Resistant: Engineered to resist corrosion caused by weather, chemicals, and water, making them perfect for harsh environments.

3.Durability: With a composition that resists UV, moisture, and chemical exposure, our profiles maintain their integrity and appearance over time.

4.Easy Installation: The integral T shape allows for easy assembly in frameworks, supports, and other complex structures, reducing construction time and labor costs.

5.Customizable: Available in a variety of sizes and colors to suit specific project requirements and aesthetic preferences.


Ideal for use in construction, automotive, marine, and aerospace industries, our Fiberglass T Profiles are extensively used in applications such as building supports, frame structures, and vehicle reinforcements.

Explore the potential of our Fiberglass T Profiles to enhance your projects with their superior performance and adaptable design.

Understanding the FRP Pultrusion Process

We are manufactures,engineers,designers and fabricators.

Benefits of FRP

Framework stability

Superior corrosion resistance


Easy to install

High Strength





Thermal Stability

Low Maintenance Costs

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